The Deserters – Innervisions Letra

Innervisions – The Deserters Letra:
I thought I\’d heard thunder
I was waiting for the rain
(Inner visions when I saw you)
But it was only gunfire, a militant
On the roof of the shops again
Opposite where we live, where I live(Inner visions when I saw you)
Where I used to live
If they catch her, she\’ll be dealt with
He\’ll never know where she\’s gone
(Stepped on dark lights standing solo blue)
And after all
It\’s just another minor revolutionA blinding search light, sweeping the rooftops
(Inner visions, then I saw you)
They\’re not using rubber bullets tonight
\’Cause it\’s the same pay for dead or alive
Someone complained
(Inner visions, is it you?)
A phone box on a corner is still riddled with holes
The only evidence from last week\’s minor revolutionGoInner visions
Inner visions

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