Symone Syann – I Want To Stay! Letra

I Want To Stay! –
Symone SyannLetra:

Wandering around the night
I don\’t want to see you baby, if I’ll cry, stand back or leave
Oh here inside, I\’m telling you to keep your heart so free
But I\’ve known, don\’t take it back from me

Waiting for you tonight
I can\’t wait to see you
Baby don\’t lie, you don\’t want to stay here

Oh, outside I\’m telling to myself to keep my heart so free
I ‘ve know, love doesn\’t go away easily

I wanna see your eyes don’t matter how I would
I tried, but it was hard for me
Baby I can’t cry anymore
So I want to stay with

I wanna see in your eyes no matter how I could
Don\’t fuck up with me
Baby if you\’ll lie once more
I won’t stay

I need you back on my side
Just take me to somewhere
You and me without lies
I want to stay!

I want to stay
I want to stay
Please believe when I say I want to stay with you

Staring at the sunrise
I want to see you
Baby if I’ll try
Do you wanna stay with me?

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