Shygirl – Missin U Letra

Missin U – Shygirl Letra:

I still miss my ex
But who wanna be the next ting?
Treat me right every night
Beat the pussy to perfection
Every chance I get
I call him round for some sexin\’
Put that link to the test
Yeah, he got a big erection

Aight, you alright
Guess we gotta get to flexin\’
Next thing I know
He be fuckin\’ with my best friend
This dick trash
Gotta dash him with rest
Every boy just wanna play
He be playin\’ every day

Can even catch a break?
With these hoes runnin\’ game now
Wife for life
Yeah, that don\’t mean a thing now, ugh

But really, really miss him
Missin\’ every touch
All the lovin\’ and the kissin\’
I just want a man I just want a real man
A guy to hold me down
And give me dick when he can
Is that too hard?
Is it too much for some?
Guess it really must, \’cause I never find the one

That\’s too bad

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