Sergio Umbria – White Eagle Letra

White Eagle – Sergio Umbria Letra:
White eagle presides over the great court of
The eagles, accompanied by the blue eagle
Red eagle, green eagle, black eagle and
The golden eagleWhite eagle is a great spiritual teacher
Who incarnated as a great north American indian chief
Belonging to the sioux natives, he makes his first
Encounters with a girl of British origin namedCooke grace, who would later become
A popular British spiritualist who founded the white
Eagle lodge (white eagle lodge), an organization
Spiritualist, and wrote numerous books on theSpiritual development and healing with the support of your guide
Spirit, white eagle, whom he had incarnated as a
North American indian chief. Cooke was born in London
June 9, 1892. As a child she had her first psychic vision ofWhite eagle and other north American indian spirits, a
The night they circled around her bed
The visions appeared just before falling asleep
Probably as she slipped into the hypnagogic stateMost of the natives wore bright colors, but
The tallest, a distinguished elderly chief, wore a costume
White. In her dream state, her boss took her to the astral plane to
A place of great beauty, where she saw the elemental spiritsHe introduced himself as águila blanca, a member of the great
White brotherhood, the brotherhood of the cross of light within
Of the circle of light He explained to her the spiritual function that both
They would develop together during cooke\’s lifetimeCooke became a spiritualist medium in 1913
While popular attention was focused on the
Communication with the dead, cooke preferred to emphasize
Spiritual development and esoteric teachings, things
That she thought was desperately needed in the worldHer first church in middlesex was small, but
She eventually abandoned her out of concern for the
Congregation with proof of survivalIn 1936 águila blanca and other spirits of the great brotherhood
Blanca commissioned cooke to form an organization to
Those who were ready to practice brotherhood among the
Men and serve as transmitters or bearers of light. CookeShe established the white eagle brotherhood at barstow manor (surrey)
Later moving the main offices to pembroke hall in
Kensington (London). Her halls were destroyed by the
Bombs in wwii and the brotherhood moved onTo new premises in kensington and later to edinburgh
Scotland. In 1945 the white eagle lodge was again
Established in new lands, liss (hampshire). The organization
It has been administered by a trust since 1953. During her ministryCooke was helped by her husband ivan and her two daughters. The lodge of
Águila blanca became an international organization, which
It included a publishing trust that produced books and recordings
SpiritualCooke was a meditation instructor and published two books on the subject
Meditation (1955) and the jewel in the lotus (1973). In his later years
She experienced vivid memories of her previous reincarnations as
Mayan and egyptian priestess, both under the tutelage of águila blancaUsing a meditation technique that she learned from an eastern adept
Cooke ascended through her crown chakra and read the records
Akashic. The stories of these two past lives are documented
In her book illuminated onesCooke said that the mayan civilization in which she lived as minesta, had
Flowered at least ten thousand years ago at the foot of the
Andes, and that it was an advanced culture established by a race
Alien through atlantis. Although archaeologistsThey estimate that the first maya existed around 350 ad. In
Central America, cooke was sure that some relics
Archaeological would be discovered in south America to confirm
The visions of her. In 1965 some relics appeared in peru
Indicating a mesoamerican influence, or vice versaAs a mayan, cookie had been guided through her spiritual development by
Han-wah-tah, an incarnation of white eagle. She then she would become
In an initiate of the group of the feathered serpent, the brotherhood of the
White magic – the circle of adepts. She had married her
Her brother, to-waanIn the afterlife, águila blanca continued to be the spiritual guide of
Cooke as hah-wah-tah and eventually informed her that she would be reincarnated as
Egypt. She there she had been born as raminati, guided by the high priest
Is-ra or white eagle. She followed a spiritual path, was initiated into the
Osiris mysteries and together with her husband ra‑hotep, she was crownedPharaoh of the two-lands. Cooke believed that águila blanca was
The legendary hiawatha. Águila blanca never confirmed it and only
She said that the most recent reincarnation of hers had been the head of
The mohawk indians of the league of six nations of the iroquois

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