Scud – Shout Letra

Shout – Scud Letra:

The human being is killing all the world
And the salvation is at hand
Blind by greed that lives in his hand
And by the will of wanting always more
Treading on everybody who’s around him
Without to care for what is true

Forests are burnt and seas are poisoned
The air we breathe is tainted with the death
Indians are being extinguished
And their tales are being erased
Soon, nothing will rest from us, from this
That we insist to call the like

Don’t be long to shout!
Don’t be long to shout!
Because if you delay to shout
And staying to live like many
You will be convicted to live
Chainned forever
In a extendless disgrace

He does want more and more
Without to care for what is true
Turning aside money from public chest
Deceiving at all barefacedly
And still appears in the TVs
Saying that he’s not blamed


Let’s get away from this innocence
All the chains will be broken
And we all live better forever

In yourself and nobody else
Shout aloud and change it
I assure you we’ll live better

Get away from this innocence!

The human being is killing all the world
But it’s salvation is at hand
You and us, all of us ought to shout
For getting our freedom and respect

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