Nóis'Y Vendel – The Judgement Letra

The Judgement – Nóis\’Y Vendel Letra:

Someone\’s coming wondering what kind of hill lies under heat
Trembling and babbling he\’s entering the inquiry
Come on, dummy bumbling, just face your filthy diary

I won\’t gadly take this taunt
You don\’t freakin\’ know me at all
How dare you!

Slandering and fluttering he\’s mocking the inquiry
Shuddering and mongering his very pity muttering
Come on, dummy bumbling, you still believe it underneath

I am not a freakin\’ clown
I won\’t let you bring me down
How dare you!

Wandering and reasoning his will is his enquiry
Following the stories but you never hear them loudly
This judgement is pure but the sentence is your misery

I don\’t care much if I fall
Tell me where\’s the one I love
I beg you!

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