Nóis'Y Vendel – The Anguish Letra

The Anguish – Nóis\’Y Vendel Letra:

Why it’s over? Why it’s over?
Am I not a good one?
Why an anguish hard to get over?
I know I\’m a fool one

So I’ve heard you found yourself some time
All is just and has a reason, right?
Why this goodness sounds a selfish kind?

God, it’s over! God, it’s over!
This will is full of bulshit!
Why this pain so cruel to get over?
It blew it out, my candle lit!

I\’m full of anger, hate is my killing-time
I curse the angels who came to give her a ride
I loved you good and you paid this treat with lies

God, you’re over! God, you’re over!
I\’m sick of choosing wrong ways!
Why these words are used to get over?
I\’m following my own trace!

A soul is cheap, so I just keep a dime
Heaven’s good but no one wants to die
Take the moment I had to close her eyes
Oh good God, I feel her close!

God, I\’m over! God, I\’m over!
I know I\’m not a good one!
Why this pain so cruel to get over?
I know I\’m not a good one!

Give me strength!
Give me wisdom!
Give me comfort!
Give me hope!
Give me her eyes back again

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