Lil Kee – Yall Know Letra

Yall Know – Lil Kee Letra:

I know
You know
What you want
You need
You changed
You\’re not the same
\’Cause I know that you are not for me
You do nothing for me
You are not for

Had to write this song, I been sitting back too long, feel like I made it
Jumped in these streets, I just had turned 18 when I had my baby
Nobody gone love you, nobody can trust me, and nobody can save me

These niggas bitches to me, we spanking they ass, my big brother gangsta
We so armed and dangerous
We ain\’t have none \’fore we came up
Bro got hit in the back in his back of the head, that bitch got hit, her face tucked
I get the drop then blow it up
[?], Don\’t get caught tryna throw it up
I do a show for a dub or some, while bro \’nem out here going to war
Bitch got neck like a dinosaur, and I got a family to feed for
They don\’t even want my dawg to get out of jail, cause they know we nailing shit
This shit ain\’t no game, these niggas lame, put one in yo\’ belly bitch
Leave \’em stank on some smelly shit (Mmh, Uh)

And y\’all know, whenever we get the drop, we gone post up at y\’all store
And we done been so broke, we ain\’t have none but our folks
And I grew up so different, I can\’t say what y\’all know
And I see you crying bae, or maybe you just waiting on me in line bae
I know big bro in Heaven, but I ain\’t fine bae
When my family not \’round, feel like I\’m dying bae
I be so ready to risk it
She hold me down when I ain\’t around it, shorty so ready to lick it
Might take a break and keep her distance, but never go missing
Nigga tried to play me like I was a bitch and I was just showing love
Now he go around talm bout he gone stretch me and that Lil\’ Kee a dub

Me and ManMan still be posted
Niggas spin this way with them little ass guns, on Mar, they gone get roasted
Bitch got way more water than ocean
You can\’t do none without no motion
You better not fuck that bitch at all, prolly ain\’t got no walls, if you need lotion
You must\’ve hyped yo\’ niggas up, told \’em only shoot when no one outside
I\’m the type to hype my niggas up, load up a hundred rounds, and tell \’em: Drive

My big bro died and you threw up, you must be hurting different
Tuck in my chain, blood in my eyes, knew you wasn\’t purging with me
We was in the [?], posted in the trap, nigga you was on percs with me
My uncle Mar had told me: Run up on \’em first, [?] buy a whole QP

Grandma done lost her child
I wish I had a million now, I ain\’t never see you smile (Uh)
My momma lost her son
Everything was just going right, look what the killings done (Uh)
I\’m sitting in the Sun
Tears fallin\’, my little girl and nephew having fun (Uh)
I go every run
Before I fly across this earth than die without my gun (Uh)
I ain\’t that fuckin\’ dumb
Try me with my drum, my momma can\’t lose another son
I jumped in the streets head first, last one alive and I\’m tryna see who gone be dead first

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