Jorge Rivera-Herrans – Polyphemus Letra

Polyphemus – Jorge Rivera-Herrans Letra:

Over here!
Look at all this food, look at all these sheep
I can\’t believe this cave has all this for us to keep
I\’ve gotta hand it to you both, this is quite the treat
There are enough sheep here to feed the entire fleet

It\’s almost too perfect, too good to be true
Why would the lotus eaters pass up on all this food?
Who are you?

Hey there
We\’re just travellers
We come in peace

You killed my sheep
My favouritе sheep
What gives you the right to deal a pain so deep
Don\’t you know that pain you sow is pain you rеap?

Time to drink
Your blood over where you stand
Your life now is in my hand
Before I\’m done
You will learn that it\’s not so fun to take
You came to my home to steal
But now you\’ll become my meal
A trade, you see?
Take from you like you took from me

There\’s been a misunderstanding
We never came here to steal
But now that I see we\’ve done some damage
Maybe you and I could make a deal
I\’ll give you our finest treasure
So long as we leave alive
You can keep the world\’s best tasting wine

Have a drink
One sip and you\’ll understand
The power that\’s in your hands
A wine so fresh
You\’d never wanna eat human flesh again
Then we shall be on our way
No bloodshed in here today
A trade, you see?
A gift from you and a gift from me

Ah, I\’d like to thank you
Stranger, what\’s your name?
My name is Nobody, Nobody, Nobody
Nobody, for your gift I\’ve one to reply
I\’m so glad we see eye to eye
Yes, you shall be the final man to die
Watch out!

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