Gun (UK) – Inside Out Letra

Inside Out – Gun (UK) Letra:

So you walk away from an open door
With no sympathy from a man who knows
Somebody\’s lost somebody cries
Where were you standing, how could you fall for all the lies?
Looking back in time do you see the truth?
It\’s so easy to find
Somebody\’s weak somebody\’s strong, thought that I\’d stumble
You got it all wrong

Look back in anger look back in shame
Somebody told you somebody\’s losing out again

Inside outside love
Inside outside love

All the feelings gone, you\’re just a face in the crowd
And I wonder why, you don\’t walk so proud
Somebody\’s lost, somebody\’s found
I\’ll watch you climb up only to fall down

I see a stranger that I used to know
Look to the future, somebody\’s seen it all before

Inside outside love
Inside outside love (can you save your soul tonight?)
Inside outside love (you don\’t realise what you\’ve got till it\’s gone)
Inside outside love (you can tell the world)

Was the truth applied, where you criticised?
Did you lose your pride, were you dignified?
Did your hopes slide, was it worldwide?
Were you satisfied, are you qualified?
Did your heart decide, you can never hide?
Are you outside love
Are you outside love
Are you outside love
Are you outside love

Were you critcised, was the truth applied?
Was it worldwide, did you lose your pride?
Were you dignified, did your hopes slide?
Are you satisfied, were you qualified?

You don\’t walk so proud
Just a face in the crowd
You don\’t talk so loud
After all these years
Can you see through the tears?
There\’s nothing you can do
To save your soul tonight
To save your soul tonight
How does it feel?
How does it feel?

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