Donata – Avalon Letra

Avalon –

Once we are happy, established and all
Once every single heartache is cured
Once we’re surrounded by rivers of gold
We can move to Avalon

Once we’ve decided love conquers all
The world has stopped being ruthless and cold
Once we feel younger while we’re getting old
We would go to Avalon

Take it all
And say goodbye
Before you let all my hope
Soar into the sky
Cause I would move with you to Avalon
But that day will never come

Once we’ve succeeded in life’s endless trials
Once no more effort is ever required
Once you can love me with two open eyes
We would walk into paradise

Once our life is a garden of delight
Once we’re so fearless that we’ll never die
Once that we wake up fully satisfied
We would settle for paradise

So maybe once we stop searching for that perfect place
Where not one single day goes to waste
At peace with the world and at peace with ourselves
We’ll find out life happens anyway

Once every day is a wish come true
You see only me and I see you only you
Once we’ve acknowledged we must move today
Otherwise time will slip away

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