Defecto – All For You Letra

All For You – DefectoLetra:

I see a wasteland behind you
I know we\’re wasting, we waste away
Boasting of all that you undo
You\’re falling, you\’re falling into disgrace
But do you ever think of where we came from?
And what our hearts are for?

Oh, it\’s all for you
And the things you do
Yeah, it\’s all for you
And the things you do

So put your faith in your money
You bury all that you can yeah
But tell me, when you sleep, are you free
Or do you, or do you, feel despair?
\’Cause you never think of all that came before
And what will follow now

And you wanna stay young
And you wanna bear witness
You better slit your tongue
You better stay and bear witness
It all starts right here

Fearlessly wasting away

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