Bigxthaplug – Texas Letra

Texas –

(Blazer got the juice)
Testing, testing, alright
You can cut out that other shit
(Ayo, AIM)
(Yeah, run it up, Blondo)

Bitch, I\’m from Texas
Where we still ride in swangas and put diamonds in our necklace
Pour drank inside my lemonade till it look like a Pepsi
See, I come from the D where we got shags and we be flexin\’
If you ain\’t from my state, then you should know don\’t fuck with Texas (Don\’t fuck with Texas)
Ayy, we always strapped, we keep our weapons
My mama from the H, she slowed it down for me at seven
Used to think Pimp C was a God before he went to Heaven
I knew what pushin\’ P was before Gunna even said it
Ayy, see, Z-Ro taught me keep my weapon
And never trust a nigga or a bitch \’cause it\’s expected
Know killers from the country, they ride horses and throw sevens
Got niggas in the East ride ATVs with MAC-11s

First off, you better remember what that sign say \’fore you come down here in this bitch
Don\’t mess with Texas
\’Cause you know everybody \’round this bitch got guns

Ayy, see, I\’m from Texas (Texas)
We got Beyoncé, Trae tha Truth, and we can\’t forget Devin
Big shout out to them boys and I can\’t forget \’bout them Texans
I been feeling like Luka how I ball, that shit a blessin\’
Number one rule in Texas, keep it silent, ain\’t no tellin\’ (Tellin\’)
Ayy, and always keep your fucking weapon
A nigga try me or the guys, we got no choice but stretch him
If he survive these shots at first, bet he die on that stretcher
These diamonds, I got water, might just go Johnny my next ones
Ayy, this Texas tea is what I drink
Sauce Walka had us drippin\’ sauce, havin\’ hoes, and on drank
Yung Nation had us jigging, dippin\’, ain\’t know how to think
Now I got all these niggas steppin\’, swipin\’, catchin\’ plays (Ayy)

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