Beholder's Cult – Shadows Letra

Shadows – Beholder\’s Cult Letra:

Who we are (our path), as shadows twists the dawn
The ghosts of man once past
Now so small and ready to stray
Hear about those who will not remain

Shifting like the waves
The ever growing shadow of a tree
In an evening of tranqulity
Smiling all the dread and sorrows

So curse me light
To try and leave the shadows of my actions behind me
But like the ones that came before to this majestic piece of time
Our shadows, in the absence of light, shall disappear

And as dusk comes
Old shadows grow long
New life begins

And just as dusk comes
Facing a dying Sun
The afterglow of an ever fading joy

Welcomes what is new to come
So I cast shadows

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