Ahab – Mobilis in Mobili Letra

Mobilis in Mobili –
Ahab Letra:

This earth does not need new continents
New men is what it needs
These tyrants\’ failures immanent
Where others have failed, I will succeed

Live in the heart of the sea
To tyrants the depths don\’t belong
Killing for killing\’s sake
Superiours earthly horrors begone!

These man and maids
Are the opressed
Behold all that I condemn
Opression comes in many shades

I am the judge
I am the law
And there is the opressor
Free them drudges
Venge their flaws
I swear, I\’ll grant them no confessor

On immane vessel we shall gnaw
Unleash my deepest innet
Mobilis in mobili
No mercy for them sinners

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