Ahab – Colossus Of The Liquid Graves Letra

Colossus Of The Liquid Graves – Ahab Letra:

Tentacles furnished with rows of hooks
Heedful watchers, hideous molluscs
What vitality, what vigour in all parts
And they possess three hearts

Ten men with boarding-hatchets
Twenty tentacles to be feared
À moi! À moi! I heard him cry
And with the monsters saw him disappear

There\’s always been ground
For the tales of the story-teller
Right before my very eyes
Colossus, the deep sea dweller

From far beneath the sea
Ascend the dwellers of the deep
In roaring they shall rise
And on the surface die
Colossus, obnoxious guise
Captain gathered tears in his eyes
Colossus, under the waves
Captain gazing into our liquid graves

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