Ahab – A Coral Tomb Letra

A Coral Tomb – Ahab Letra:

As I lean over him
I recognise his shattered skull
Breathing is slow, eyes dim
Thoughts hide in a neuronal lull

Sapient forehead furrowed
From his body spirit slips
Try to learn the secret of his sorrows
From the last words that escape his lips

I hear the distant sighs
Like notes of a funeral psalm
The prayers for the dead
Just like a storm before the calm

Funeral procession
At the bottom of the seas
Kneel before the grave, pay reverence
Our dead sleep quietly, at least

Rest, my friend
Guarded by zoophytes
Safe from shark and man
Entombed by wondrous wights

Sleep, my friend
Entangle me in gloom
Safe from shark and man
Sleep in your coral tomb

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