Adriam Oliveira – Stopping 18° Beat Letra

Stopping 18° Beat –
Adriam OliveiraLetra:

You left me at, eighteen an hour, you left my heart
Stopping at 18 beats
Ready it is in the car that start
S, look at the magic of my body
I\’ll show you the little project of the world
Absurd, it won\’t take it, it almost goes weak in the legs

Like I booked myself for this now
I don\’t have time and you already
I was 18 beats away but it was so fast it\’s a shame
You left me at, eighteen an hour
Hey left my heart stopping at eighteen beats

You fucked up the door, malice, call me Cardi B
Come set me up
I know you wanna fuck more
Fuck no more motherfucker, left me at
18 an hour baby
But it was 18 per hour I loved the way you did it, pity

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