Adriam Oliveira – On Your Dick And a Love Blow Letra

On Your Dick And a Love Blow –
Adriam OliveiraLetra:

On your dick I want to convert
You need me, in your scroll I want to bless me
Let me deepen your pride in my tunnel, I\’ll bathe
Scrub me
I know you need and very night me then fuck me

For me I stayed one day only in this rolity, I killed our wild, baby
Ask me I open the door. In this romance balance, this beat is crazy
Wolves are loose they eat people (wolf!)

Moans, screams, pleasures, welcome, stay
Are you going to say you didn\’t like it?
A beautiful love, deep breath, breath of love, strong tension
An intense shock I felt when I saw and felt you
Horny, passion, heart, you let me go through
A love blow

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